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The suggestion of the following links does not constitute endorsement of their contents by the Islamic Center of Northwest Florida. Please let us know if you have a useful link that you would like to be added.

Islamic Center of Northwest florida

We bear witness there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His servant and messenger

Holy Quran

· The Noble Quran Website
Audio files of Quran recitation and other useful information

· Holy Quran webpage at Islamweb.net
A variety of Quran reciters from many
qiraa’at (recitations)

· Holy Quran website at IslamicFinder.net
A site rich with information including the ability to search  the Holy Quran in Arabic and English



· Hadeeth website at Islamweb.net
A site rich with information about

· Hadeeth website at IslamicFinder.net
Search the
hadeeths of the Prophet  (PBUH) in English


Islamic Portals

· Islamweb.net
Information and news about Islam and Muslims,
fatwas, educational materials, ...

· IslamicFinder.net
Information about Islam, mosques in the USA, Islamic calendar, prayer times, ...


Islamic Organizations

The official website of the Islamic Society of North America

Muslim Student Association chapter at University of West Florida

Muslim Student Association national website


Islamic Education

· Islamic Bookstore
The largest Islamic bookstore on the web

· Iqra Book Center
Lots of books to choose from

· Astrolabe Islamic Bookstore
Islamic books, audio, gifts, ...